About Us

In the heart of N.E. Portland, Aztec Willies Taqueria stands as more than just a family-owned restaurant; it’s a testament to three decades of culinary passion in our family’s Mexican tradition. Founded by Willie Cardoso’s parents, the vibrant eatery has been a cornerstone in the city for 30 years.

Originally named after their son Willie and their daughter Joey Rose, who were respectively four and six at the time the restaurant opened under the name “Aztec Willie and Joey Rose Taqueria,” it quickly became synonymous with exceptional Mexican cuisine and warm hospitality.

Now, at 37, Willie is ready to take the reins of the establishment and learn more about the business that has been a part of his life since childhood. As the torch passes to the next generation, Willie joins forces with his mother, the visionary force behind the restaurant’s inception. Together, they bring a wealth of experience, dedication, and love for the community that has embraced Aztec Willies over the years.

There is a commitment to preserving the restaurant’s legacy but with a fresh new look! Willie and his mom embark on a new chapter in the family’s culinary journey.

“We will always be proud of the recipes from Grandma that we opened with, and they will stay a part of the menu we offer today.”

What’s happening with Joey Rose? She’s moved on, but not far away. She is out of the restaurant business but proudly works her own gig with Wolf Ceramics in Hood River. Aztec Willies, as it is now known, proudly features Wolf Ceramics in our Happy Hour dinnerware.

The spirit of Aztec Willies Taqueria lives on, promising another 30 years of authentic flavors, cherished memories, and a welcoming space for the people of Portland. The Cardoso family remains steadfast in their mission to serve the community, ensuring that Aztec Willies continues to be a beloved destination for generations to come.